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Instant Insights—The Eversense Mobile App

Readings directly on your smartphone.

The Eversense Mobile App runs on a compatible mobile device to receive and display the sensor glucose data from the Eversense Smart Transmitter.

It provides easy access to real-time glucose measurements and eliminates the need to carry a separate receiver device.

In addition to seeing your current glucose value every 5 minutes, the app also displays where your glucose is headed and how fast, so you can take action confidently (in accordance with your doctor’s instructions.)

Features to help you manage your diabetes

  • Set unique sounds for your glucose alerts
  • Set up a temporary glucose profile with custom high and low target and alert levels
  • Receive predictive alerts to let you know in advance if your glucose is moving toward a high or low event
  • Track events like meals and workouts and see them right on your graph to help identify trends
  • View summary reports to better understand your glucose history and patterns

Remote monitoring with the ‘My Circle’ feature

  • Invite up to 5 friends and family members to view your glucose data using Eversense NOW, a mobile app for your friends and family